Hydraulic Breakers


Ottawa Contracting & Trading is an exclusive dealer of POQUTEC Hydraulic Breakers in Qatar. POQUTEC a.k.a. Power Quality & Technology Co, Ltd, is a South Korean based manufacturer of various Hydraulic Hammers which are utilized for the construction and earth-moving equipment/machinery such as excavators, skid steer loaders, wheel loaders and others. POQUTEC Hydraulic Breakers are used and applied for equipment and machinery of any brand and model, the operation of Hydraulic breakers presents high-performance in raising the productivity and optimized results, thereby providing the customers with cost effective material breakage. As an exclusive dealer of POQUTEC Hydraulic Breakers, we provide the construction industry with a medium to undertake a wide range of breaking application.

  • Unique Features
  1. Under water operating system
  2. Self greasing system (Re-chargeable cartridge)
  3. Blank firing – Free system
  4. Grade “A” 100% South Korean steel (without Chinese material)
  • Applications
  1. Excavators
  2. Backhoe loaders
  3. Skid steer loaders
  4. Pedestal boom & hammer
  • Hydraulic hammers are applicable to carriers with the following sizes:
  1. Small: 1-16 tones
  2. Medium: 16-28 tones
  3. Large: 28 – 100 tones
  • Types 
  1. Open housing/ bracket – vertical mounting system
  2. Open housing/ bracket – horizontal mounting system
  3. Silent box housing/ bracket – vertical mounting system

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