Qatar Acids Factory Expansion

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Project Name: Construction of Qatar Acids Factory Expansion at Mesaieed Industrial City (MIC)
Client Name: Qatar Acids Company – A subsidiary from Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company (QIMC).
Project Duration: 12 months
Project Quantities:

10,000 sq.m plot Area, Including Backfilling, leveling, substructure and Superstructure works.

Project Description:

Qatar Acids Company is a subsidiary for Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company (QIMC). Already a key supplier of sulphuric acids to the local market, Qatar Acids had its eyes on the export market, for this reason they planned an expansion to their existing factory to increase production and storage capacity.

Ottawa Contracting and Trading was a natural fit for this project. Not only experienced in projects of industrial backgrounds, but also a known company to operate within Mesiaeed Industrial City (MIC) was a very important Advantage. MIC has a very rigorous set of rules and regulations when it comes to Health and Safety, Employees welfare and documents work procedure, which are very challenging to correspond to.

Ottawa was awarded the contract to execute the following works:

1- Land leveling and backfilling: Importing new backfilling material according to specifications and laying into layers. This was an important part of the project in order to bring the whole plot to the same level, in the same time provide clean ground for the foundation away from the native soil of the area (which is full of salts and other bad compounds considered hostile to concrete foundations).

2- Substructure works: This phase of the project included construction of all substructure elements (Foundations) for new buildings in the project like:

  • The main Factory Building

  • Storage Buildings

  • Control Rooms

  • chemicals silos

  • Training buildings

  • workshops buildings

3- Superstructure works (turn key approach) for concrete buildings like Control Room, Training buildings and Workshop buildings.