Backfill Supply

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Project Name: Supply of Backfill Material
Client Name: Bin Omran Contracting and Trading Co.
Project Duration: On Going – Open – Since 2 years
Project Quantities: 160,000 + Tons / Month
Project Description:

Bin Omran Trading and Contracting is one of the major companies in the local market. Their projects portfolio covers Infrastructure Projects as well as huge Construction Projects connected to Qatar’s 2022 world cup event.

Back-fill material is very essential to Bin Omarn’s work. It is used in cut and fill activities and leveling projects. As it is very important to keep their aggressive time line, Bin Omran chose Ottawa’s transportation division to deliver these materials on time.

Our reliable services and fleet (of 80+) trailers make it possible to our clients to achieve their commercial targets, meet market demand and grow organically to meet Qatar’s construction growth and 2030 National Vision.

Daily supplied quantities: Around 6,000 Tons of different materials.