Gabbro & Back-fill Supply

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Project Name: Supply of Dune Sand, Gabbro and Backfill
Client Name: Boom Construction
Project Duration: On Going – Open – Since 3 years
Project Quantities: 130,000 + Tons / Month
Project Description:

Boom Construction is a specialized company in Road construction, Road maintenance, Infrastructure projects and Contracting.

To support their projects, Boom Constructions owns and operates a number of crushers to produce essential raw materials. We are one of the key suppliers to them.

Dune Sand, Gabbro and Back-fill of different grades to name a few. These materials are supplied to different locations like: Rayyan, Umm Al Afaie, Ras Abu Fentas and Mazro’a.

Our reliable services and fleet (of 80+) trailers make it possible to our clients to achieve their commercial targets, meet market demand and grow organically to meet Qatar’s construction growth and 2030 National Vision.

Daily supplied quantities: Around 4,000 Tons of different materials.