New Warehouse works

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Project Name: Construction completion of GWC new warehouse – New Village.
Client Name: Al Alia Trading and Contracting Co. w.l.l.
Project Duration: 8 months
Project Quantities: 65,000 cu.m of Backfill material + 45,000 cu.m of sub-base.
Project Description:

Al Alia Trading and Contracting is a well-known company for their steel structure projects. Once foundations works are done, backfilling is to be place to cover all sub-ground structures and allows for reaming works to commence.

Our Contacting Earth works Division executed all backfilling works to specifications set by the Consultant and Contracting co, This included laying backfill material in layers, watering working, mechanical compaction and finally performing compaction test.

All tests has to conform to Qatar’s construction standards in order to be approved.

Also, a final layer of Sub-base material was laid as a foundation for all flooring and roads works. This essential as this has to take the full load of operation for the rest of building life.

Our experience in these kind of projects and full range of earth work equipments like Rollers, Wheel loader and compacters ensured the job is done in an excellent manner.

We operate a fleet of new equipments, skilled operators and state of the art servicing facilities makes us the parter of choice to execute these types of projects.