KLJ New Factory – MIC

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Project Name: Earth works for KLJ-Qatar new factory at Mesieed Industrial City (MIC)
Client Name: Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company (QIMC) & KLJ- Qatar
Project Duration: 6 months
Project Quantities:

65,000 sq.m plot Area, Removal of top soil and Backfilling with fresh imported material with a total volume of 200,000 cu.m

Project Description:

Qatar Industrial Manufacturing Company (QIMC) is the first partnership between the government and private sector in Qatar in the domain of manufacturing. It was established in 1990 and grown since to more than 13 subsidiaries and projects.

KLJ Qatar is their newest venture and in partnership with KLJ Organic Chemicals in India. Their project was assigned a plot of land with area of 65,000 sq.m. at Mesaieed Industrial City (MIC).

In Preparation for construction works, the plot needed leveling works on stages as follows:

1- Stage One: Removal of top soil: excavation of Top soil with depth of 50 cm for the full area. All contaminated top soil with salts and other compounds was excavated and removed to designated dump area according to MIC regulations.

2- Stage Two: Import clean Backfill material from approved quarries to fill the plot with a total hight of 2.5 m from the original ground level. This was done in Layers, each layer is 200 mm thickness with compaction to not less than 95% of total dry density.

After each layer a compaction test was conducted and a contour readings for reference point is made to ensure correct leveling is maintained.

3- Stage Three: Final layer was made with special finishing material with included a mix of Sub-base and other fill material to form a smooth and solid top layer to handle heavy machinery movements during construction phase.