New Road Project

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Project Name: New road for three new schools at Shamal City
Client Name: Al Jaber Trading and Contracting Co. w.l.l.
Project Duration: 1 Month
Project Quantities: 1,600 Linear meters
Project Description:

To construct a new road from scratch is never an easy job. To do it on a tight time frame is even a bigger challenge especially if the earth works did not even start.

From initial excavation works and ground leveling, to filling with backfill material according to Qatar’s Construction standards, to laying Asphalt layers ending with painting the final road markings, This project was completely executed on a very tight time frame.

Our Team of Qualified Engineers, Foremen and Labours made this job possible. Experience in this type of projects played its role as we planned and executed each and every step.

As the owners and operators of a state of the art fleet of equipments, we were fully confident in our ability to deliver on-time.

Our experience in these kind of projects and full range of earth work equipments like Rollers, Wheel loader and compacters ensured the job is done in an excellent manner.

We operate a fleet of new equipments, skilled operators and state of the art servicing facilities makes us the parter of choice to execute these types of projects.