Clay & Dune Sand Supply

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Project Name: Supply of Sweet Soil (Clay) & Dune Sand
Client Name: Nakheel Lanscapes
Project Duration: On Going – Open – Since 2 years
Project Quantities: 75,000 + Tons / Month
Project Description:

Nakheel Landscapes is a specialist in Landscaping and has executed many high profile projects.

Sweet Soil (Clay) and Dune Dand are essential materials to their projects, and they are sourced from different location within Qatar. Clay is transported from Umm Bab which is located to the west of of the country, while Dune sand is sourced from Kharara Area located at the southern region.

Meeting critical deadlines and reliability of supply is key to Nakjeel when choosing their partners. Ottawa’s Transportation division is a natural fit to such requirements.

Our reliable services and fleet (of 80+) trailers make it possible to our clients to achieve their commercial targets, meet market demand and grow organically to meet Qatar’s construction growth and 2030 National Vision.

Daily supplied quantities: Around 2,000 Tons of different materials.