Ottawa Contracting and Trading Company


Ottawa Contracting and Trading Company (OCT) has been in operation since 1998 in the heart of Doha, Qatar. During this time, OCT has evolved into becoming a key player in the contracting and trading sector in the State of Qatar.

From its base headquartered at Grand Hamad Avenue, Doha-Qatar, OCT has taken on noteworthy projects across an array of services through its divisions in infrastructure & earthworks, heavy equipment rental, transportation and real estate to name a few.

OCT had gained significant experience and upright reputation through the commitment of its highly skilled global workforce of 350 employees and an established, trustful relationship with clients.

In the course of all these years of experience in various contracting projects, OCT has built an excellent reputation in the local market. The team delivers projects through incomparable skills and professionalism, while adhering to stern protocols of delivery time.

OCT has always demonstrated its capability to complete projects in line with the strong commitment. Under the leadership of OCT’s management, the organization delivers the highest quality projects governed by the standards and excellence in accomplishing the client objectives.

As an entity established from a team of diligent and industry-expert individuals, OCT takes great pride in contributing to the community which it is a part of by respecting the environment and focusing the efforts on safeguarding it.